False fruit mix FIDAN, colourful, 5-8cm

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12 different artificial fruit for decorating. The deceptively real fruits will be delivered in bags.


Set of plastic fruits

  • 12 different fruits
  • 2 x apple (green/red-yellow), tangerine, 2 x pear (yellow/green), peach, lemon, banana, 2 x mango (yellow/red-yellow), orange, plum
  • comes in a transparent plastic bag
  • the fake fruits are perfect for the fruity decoration; e.g. fruit bowl, painting and drawing template, bistro, food counter, bar or cafe and much more

The fruit assortment really looks very appetising. Decorate with the 12 different fruits counters, buffets or even your private kitchen. Ideally, you can arrange the fruits in a pretty basket, but also accumulated or distributed individually, they will ensure summery ambiance and generate a desire for fruit salads and fruit shakes.




SKU 10740
Product name FIDAN
Color Multicolor
Fixation on stem
Height / Length (cm) 5
Other names Apple, Malus, Mandarin orange, Mandarine, Tangerine, Citrus reticulata, Pear, Pyrus, Peach, Persica, Lemon, Meyer lemon, Citrus meyeri, Banana, Musa, Mango, Mangifera, Orange, Sweet orange, Citrus sinensis, Plum, Prune, Prunus domestica, Strawberry, Fraga
Storage location 1 WA-Z8-3-3 / WA-A1-5-3
Brand artplants.de
product type fruit
features houseplant