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Artificial Fuchsia THAYNARA, with blooms, light pink, 12"/30cm
Artificial Fuchsia THAYNARA, with blooms, pink, 12"/30cm
  • Origin: Central America, South America
  • Flowering period: June to October (summer, autumn)
  • Diversity of varieties: over 107 species
  • Plant family: Onagraceae
  • Flowers of similar shape: Lily of the valley, checkered lily, snwodrop

The Fuchsia originates from Central America / South America and pleases us with white, violet and dark pink flowers. The whole colour splendour of the fuchsia can be admired in nature from June to October. There are 107 species and approx. 12000 different varieties of this flower. Often, the fuchisa belonging to the family Onagraceae (evening primrose family) is combined with elegant hydrangeas in floral arrangements.

In our online shop, just as in nature, we value a wide range of colours and sizes. Thanks to its natural look and bendable stem, you can use the artficial fuchsia for various decoration projects e.g. in combination with real flowers or as an artificial flower for putting into arrangements. Let your creativity run free with our artificial fuchsias!