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Fake gloriosa FUJITA, orange-yellow, 31"/80cm, Ø6"/15cm
Fake gloriosa FUJITA, cream-green, 31"/80cm, Ø6"/15cm
Fake gloriosa TIANA, pink-green, 31"/80cm, Ø3.1"-6"/8-15cm
Min. 12 St.
Fake gloriosa TIANA, white-green, 31"/80cm, Ø3.1"-6"/8-15cm
Fake gloriosa FUJITA, pink-yellow, 31"/80cm, Ø6"/15cm
Fake gloriosa TIANA, light pink-green, 31"/80cm, Ø3.1"-6"/8-15cm
Artificial flower flame lily CELESTE, pink yellow, 4ft/120cm
Artificial Gloriosa WARIS orange-yellow, 4ft/120 cm
Velvet gloriosa KAZBEK, dusky pink-gold, 4ft/110cm
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Min. 12 St.
Artificial gloriosa superba branch XIANGTING, burgundy-yellow, 33"/85cm
Min. 12 St.
Artificial gloriosa superba branch XIANGTING, cream, 33"/85cm
  • Origin: Africa, South Asia, East Asia
  • Flowering period: June to August (summer)
  • Diversity of varieties: over 12 species
  • Further names: Flame lily, fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily, superb lily, climbing lily, creeping lily
  • Flowers of similar shape: Iris, medinilla, passion flower

The Gloriosa comes from the floristic realm of Paleotropics (region with specific flora), which includes the countries of Africa, South and East Asia. In the summer we enjoy dark pink, red, yellow and light pink colours during its flowering period from July to August. There are over 12 different varieties of the flower, which is also known among other things under the name flame lily or fire lily. In bouquets and floral arrangements, the gloriosa belonging to the family Colchicaceae is often combined with stylish lisianthus, anthuriums and tulips.

In our online shop you will find the artificial gloriosa, as well as in nature, in different colours and sizes. Thanks to their bendable stem and natural look, our artficial gloriosas can be combined with real or artificial flowers for various decoration projects.