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Artificial petunia spray JADEN, purple-blue, 3ft/90cm
Min. 12 St.
Artificial petunia SINDY on spike, cream-light pink, 12"/30cm, Ø12"/30cm
Decorative petunia branch YAWEI, light blue-cream, 3ft/95cm
Regular Price £5.90 Special Price £2.95
Plastic petunia branch MARTHE, pink-green, 4ft/130cm
Min. 6 St.
Plastic petunia branch MARTHE, white-green, 4ft/130cm
Artificial petunia SINDY on spike, cream, 12"/30cm, Ø12"/30cm
Min. 48 St.
Decorative petunia branch YAWEI, pink-cream, 24"/60cm
  • Origin: South America, primarily Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia
  • Flowering period: May to November (summer, autumn)
  • Diversity of varieties: over 16 species
  • Plant family: Solanaceae
  • Flowers of similar shape: Cyclamen, Christmas rose, morning glory

The Petunia originates from South America and pleases us with white, purple, yellow or pink flowers. The whole colour splendour of the flower can be admired in nature from May to November. There are 16 different varieties of the petunia, which belongs to the family Solanaceae. Often, the flowering plant is combined with stylish geraniums and snapdragons in floral arrangements.

In our online shop you will find high-quality artificial petunias in true-to-life imitation. Due to their flexible flower stem, the artificial petunias can be used for many different decoration projects. Such as in combination with real flowers, as artificial flowers for arrangements and for many other creative design ideas.