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Artificial flower Strelitzia ZETKIN, orange-violet, 26"/65cm
Fake strelitzia SANURA, orange-violet, 4ft/130cm, Ø7"x10"/18x25cm
Min. 2 St.
Artificial Strelitzia CIELU, green-orange, 4ft/120 cm
Artificial Strelitzia PALMIRO, orange-purple, 30"/75cm, 4.7x10"/12x24cm
Fake strelitzia LATIFA, orange-violet, 31"/80cm, 7"x8"/17x20cm
Fake strelitzia ZAMIRA, orange-violet, 3ft/95cm, Ø6.3"x12"/16x30cm
Fake bird of paradise flower KUMBIA, green, 4ft/120cm
Fake strelitzia ALLISSA, orange-violet, 3ft/90cm, Ø7"x9"/17x24cm
Min. 2 St.
Fake Bird of Paradise flower DALILA, orange-violet, 4ft/110cm, 7"x9"/17x22cm
Min. 2 St.
Artificial bird of paradise RIBERA, green, 4ft/135cm
Fake bird of paradise flower CHAYA, orange-violet, 3ft/95cm, Ø7"x9"/17x24cm
Artificial Strelitzia BEDAR, green, 8ft/235cm
Artificial bird of paradise flower BALTZE, gold, 31"/80cm
Regular Price £8.90 Special Price £7.92
Decorative strelitzia HARLYN, orange-purple, 110cm
Min. 4 St.
Artificial strelitzia TAPIES, orange-violet, 5ft/150cm
Min. 2 St.
Fake plant strelitzia DALILA, orange-violet, 4ft/120cm, 7"x9"/17x24cm
Fake strelitzia NUBIA on spike, orange-violet, 3ft/100cm, Ø6.7"x9"/17x22cm
Artificial Strelitzia LAKISHA, orange-violet, 35"/90cm
Artificial plant Strelitzia PAVLOVA, green, 8ft/230cm
Min. 4 St.
Artificial strelitzia TAPIES, orange-violet, 4ft/120cm
Artificial Strelitzia BEDAR, green, 5ft/150cm
Artificial Strelitzia BEDAR, green, 6ft/180cm
Min. 6 St.
Artificial Strelitzia NUBIA on spike, orange-violet, 28"/70cm, 7"x9"/17x22cm
Min. 24 St.
Artificial strelitzia WEIYU, orange-purple, 24"/60cm
Min. 12 St.
Artificial strelitzia leaf YISHAO, orange-pink, 3ft/90cm
Artificial plant strelitzia LUOROU, green, 5ft/160cm
Decorative strelitzia HARLYN, orange-purple, 160cm
Min. 12 St.
Artificial strelitzia MELIORN, orange-violet, 33"/85cm
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Flowering period: May to July (summer)
  • Diversity of varieties: approx. 5 species
  • Further names: Bird of paradise flower
  • Flowers of similar shape: Calla, cockscomb, kangaroo paw

The Strelitzia originates from South Africa and pleases us in nature with orange colours during its flowering period from May to July. There are approx. 5 different varieties of this flower, which is also often called bird of paradise flower. Often, the flowering plant belonging to the family Streliziaceae is combined with elegant alliums and anthuriums in floral arrangements.

In our online shop you will find the artificial strelitzia, as well as in nature, in different colours and sizes. The high-quality artificial flower is available not only as a flowering branch, but also in a decorative pot. Thanks to their bendable stem and natural look, our artficial branches of strelitzia can be combined with real or artificial flowers for various decoration projects.