Champagne cork AURELA for handicrafts, mushroom head, natural, 1.9"/4,7cm, Ø1.1"/2,8cm

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Cork is a pure environmentally friendly natural product. It is obtained from the cork oak (Quercus suber), which is peeled for the first time when it is at least 20 - 25 years old. According to Portuguese law, further peelings may only take place every nine years. During this time, the tree can regenerate and build up the necessary strength of the cork. The renewable natural material can be used for animals and for handicrafts with children.


Cork stoppers AURELA for handicrafts

  • Total height approx. 1.9"/4,7 cm, total diameter approx. 1.1"/2,8 cm
  • In natural colour made of agglomerated cork, a binder is added to the sorted cork granulate to form the agglomerated cork, the binder - a food-grade adhesive - acts as a natural binder and ensures that the cork particles adhere to each other while retaining their unique properties
  • The high-quality raw material is sourced from the cork oak in Portugal and Spain, the refinement / further processing takes place in Germany
  • Cork is a sustainable, vegan and natural material, it is also considered fireproof, it burns very slowly but does not produce flames or toxic gases
  • Perfect for making DIY world maps, coasters, pinboards, postcard holders, for crafting with children, stamps with foam rubber motifs, cork animals, raft building, fir trees, plant stakes e.g. in mushroom shape with stem and much more can be created


SKU 88912
Product name AURELA
Color Brown
Height / Length (cm) 4.70
Diameter / Width (cm) 2.80
Other names cork, craft cork, wine cork
Storage location 1 HO-G1-2-1
Brand INNA-Glas
Material cork
product type lid
Shape cone