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Decorative carnations bouquet LIXUAN, red, 10"/25cm

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The decorative bouquet LIXUAN in colour red has a length of approx. 25 cm.


Artificial flower bouquet LIXUAN

  • Total length approx. 25 cm
  • In colour red
  • High-quality workmanship, natural flower shape, approx. 3 stems
  • Bendable stem
  • This pretty bouquet will be the perfect fit for an elegant vase on the dining table, chest of drawers, kitchen counter, windowsill, etc.


SKU 32123
Product name LIXUAN
Color Red
Fixation stem
Height / Length (cm) 25
Other names carnation, dianthus caryophyllus, clove pink
Flowering months May, June, July, August
Season Summer
Brand artplants.de
discontinued item Yes
product type bouquet
features with flowers, of a single variety