Plastic Baby's tears mat MORERA, 20"x20"/50x50cm

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Artificial mat MORERA in colour green with a total size of approx. 20"x20"/50 x 50 cm. This natural-looking decoration will create a pleasing ambience in your living space.


Artificial plant MORERA

  • Total size approx. 20"x20"/50 x 50 cm
  • In colour green
  • This fake mat will be suitable as a room divider to seperate rooms, or it can also be used as a green wall to add a touch of style to your interior!


SKU 73835
Product name MORERA
Color Green
Fixation none fixation
Height / Length (cm) 50
Other names Baby's tears, Angel's tears, Bits and pieces, Bread and cheese, Corsican creeper, Corsican curse, Friendship plant, Helxine, Mind-your-own-business, Mother of thousands, Paddy's wig, Pollyanna vine, Soleirolia soleirolii
discontinued item Yes
product type mat
Produktart spezifisch Bubikopf
features no characteristic